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About ECML Contact Point Denmark

ECML Contact Point Denmark functions as a coordinator between the ECML network based in Graz, Austria and the Danish language education institutions. The aim is to create a wide national network that can act as a learning and knowledge sharing platform in order to ensure steady development within language teaching and language pedagogy in all levels of education: day care, primary, secondary and high schools.

This is to be achieved through organizing conferences, workshops, etc.  Even more directly, however, we provide outreach services in the form of information meetings held in different parts of the country. In the planning of these events, we involve local networks within the foreign language field.

The Contact Point spreads information, knowledge and experience about ECML national and international activities, publications, projects and so on. We also provide information, knowledge and experience from relevant Danish foreign language networks and ECML research and development projects.

Mandate for the ECML steering committee

The work of the ECML Contact Point is based on a mandate approved by the steering committee.

ECML Contact Point Denmark Staff

Ana Kanareva-Dimitrovska

PhD, Project Manager for ECML Denmark

Sven Halse

Associate professor
H bldg. 1481, 546
P +4587163526
P +4529438469
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What can you do with ECML Contact Point Denmark?

Participate in an ECML language workshop in Graz, Denmark, or in another membership country

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