ECML workshops



Ever since the beginning, a core activity for the ECML Contact Point Denmark has been to arrange workshops. An ECML workshop is offered by the project team behind an ongoing ECML project.

Whenever a team wishes to share its experience with participants from other member states, a workshop is advertised on the official ECML website. As a rule, the application is open to everyone, as long as the applicant is able to meet the requirements for participating in the workshop in question.

The application is sent to the national nominating authority, which in Denmark is the ECML Contact Point. Afterwards, the Contact Point selects the applicant best suited for participating in the workshop.

In case a member state does not have the opportunity of sending a participant to a workshop, the member state does not lose its right to participate: instead, the member state is then allowed to send two participants to the next workshop offered. This rule applies for the entire duration of the project theme period (that is until the end of 2015).

The Danish Contact Point has already sent several participants to workshops at the ECML headquarter in Graz, Austria. In the following, the participants present their reports, as well as the experience obtained at the workshops.