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Training and Consultancy

PluriMobil is a teaching tool that off ers practical resources to teachers, teacher trainers, international offi cers and other stakeholders to help them support students at all stages of a mobility project: before, at the preparatory stage, during the mobility activity itself and after the activity. The resources support all kinds of mobility projects, including school exchanges, study-abroad projects, work placements or cooperation via ICT.

The aim of PluriMobil is to develop students’ ability to discover other languages, cultures and people, and new areas of knowledge. We hope that their mobility activities will also be part of their personal development as individuals. To this end, PluriMobil’s pedagogical tools aim to improve students’ communicative and plurilingual skills, enhance their intercultural competence and expand their language awareness and language learning strategies.

PluriMobil consists of five sets of lesson plans, a Quick start guide, a Handbook, which are freely available in English and in French on the project website.

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