fre 24 aug
12:56-12:56 |
Training and consultancy: Supporting Multilingual Classrooms (Young Migrants)
Du kan finde mere information om workshoppen i den vedhæftede invitation.
ons 12 sep
09:00-16:00 | Graz, Østrig
Workshop 1/2018: Inspiring language learning in the early years
Why it matters and what it looks like for children aged 3-12 years
tir 25 sep
09:00-00:00 | Københavns Professionshøjskole
Sprogkonference: Sprog på kryds og tværs.
Tilmeldingsfrist d. 18. september 2018
ons 26 sep
13:02-00:00 | Danmark, København
ECML Kontaktpunkt Danmark fejrer Den Europæiske Sprogdag sammen med den danske repræsentation.
Du kan læse mere om den Europæiske Sprogdag på linket. Mere information om eventet i Danmark følger snarest.
ons 03 okt
09:00-16:00 | Graz, Østrig
Workshop 2/2018: Towards a Common European Framework of Reference for language teachers
How do existing tools and publications define and present language teacher competences, and how are these tools used in practice? What could be the added value of a future Common European Framework of Reference for Language Teachers, and what might be its form, content, and function? To answer these questions, this project will develop a comprehensive description of language teacher competences.
fre 12 okt
11:32-11:34 |
Webinar e-lang
tir 23 okt
09:00-16:00 | Graz, Østrig
Workshop 3/2018: Language for work - Tools for professional development
Language for Work – Tools for professional development fosters professional development in the field of work‐related majority language learning for adult migrants and ethnic minorities. It creates tools and resources to support the professional development of teachers, teacher educators and other practitioners in this field.
tor 15 nov
13:48-13:48 | Graz, Østrig
Workshop 4/2018: A roadmap for schools to support the language(s) of schooling
This project aims to develop the linguistic and critical thinking skills ALL learners need in ALL subjects for school success, by supporting schools in the development of their own strategy regarding the language(s) of schooling.
tir 20 nov
09:05-09:05 | Roskilde
Den Internationale Markedskonference i Roskilde.