Call for case studies or practical examples of the use of instruments and frameworks for language teacher education and development

The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) of the Council of Europe is compiling case studies or practice examples of the use of instruments and frameworks that describe the competences and experiences of language teachers and, with respect to language-related issues, of all teachers.

We are therefore inviting teachers, teacher educators/ trainers, administrators/officials at all levels, and employers to share their experiences of using these instruments.

The practice examples will be published on the website of the current ECML project Towards a Common European Framework for Language Teachers. The examples aim to inspire the choices and practices of potential users of such instruments. See a non-exhaustive list of instruments here.

The practice examples may describe the use of a given instrument or framework, for example, in and for teacher education, professional development, counselling, evaluation, or decision-making in educational policy.

The ECML and the project team would be delighted to learn from your experience. We are compiling your information by means of a survey questionnaire. We will transform your answers into a text that we will send to you before publication.

The practice examples will be reviewed and published online by the project team. If you have any questions, please contact Lukas Bleichenbacher or Anna Schröder-Sura.

This questionnaire will be online until 20 June 2017.

Please feel free to contribute in English, French or German.

Link to the online survey.