Projekt opdatering fra Graz: Towards a Common European Framework of Reference for language teachers (CEFRLT)

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One of several aims of the project "Towards a Common European Framework for Language Teachers" is the piloting and further development of existing instruments. In 2018, there are important news for three instruments: 

A new website has been launched for foreign language teachers and student teachers to self-assess their language competences in the target language. The website also contains model tasks for formative assessment by teacher educators, based on the Profession-related Language Competence Profiles (available in English, French, German and Italian here). In 2018, further insights from the piloting activities will feed into the CEFRLT project at the ECML.

Work is continuing on a parallel version of the existing Eaquals Framework for Language Teacher Training and Development that is aimed specifically at teachers of languages for academic purposes working on courses intended for students in higher education. The aim is to raise the awareness of teachers and others with different levels of experience in this sector concerning the specific areas of knowledge and skill required for this kind of language teaching. A validation exercise will be undertaken in 2018.

The overall structure of the future "Framework of reference for the training of teachers in the use of pluralistic approaches" has been stabilized (ethical and political dimension, linguistic and cultural competences, methodological competences) after discussions and exchanges at presentations. It should now be subject to only a few adjustments. The framework is based on the Framework of reference for pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures (FREPA) and the Skills Reference Data in Didactics of the Intercomprehension (REFDIC). In 2018, efforts will focus on the internal structure of each dimension, and on the declination of skills in savoirs, savoir-être and savoir-faire.