Training and Consultancy Copenhagen report

"Developing plurilingual education in the Nordic and Baltic countries" - Conference of the DELA-NOBA project (25 April, 2016)

"How to define learning objectives in plurilingual education? The FREPA descriptors as a tool in early foreign language education" (26 April, 2016)

Moderators: Anna Maria Curci and Michel Candelier

Participants: 50 participants (25 April), 10 participants (26 April)

The training and consultancy workshop that took place in Copenhagen on 25-26 April, was held within the final conference of the DELA-NOBA project, which focused on the development of language awareness in the Nordic and Baltic countries (project financed by Nordplus Horizontal). It was comprised of two sections:

  • a training component within the DELA-NOBA final conference (25 April), with the aim of broadening current perspectives to move towards other pluralistic approaches beyond language awareness, and in particular the integrated didactics of languages;
  • an advisory component (26 April), more explicitly designed for educational leaders and Danish teacher trainers, regarding the contribution of FREPA descriptors in defining educational objectives for the teaching of languages to young children.

The participants, both those with and without previous expertise in the area of language awareness, expressed their willingness to engage in a global perspective of plurilingual and intercultural training supported by pluralistic approaches and by FREPA. The event provided the opportunity to work with teachers on the one hand, and with researchers and teacher trainers on the other, the latter having the chance to cooperate with educational decision-makers. Follow-up actions are foreseen, both in the field of teacher training and in international cooperation through the creation of an online platform.

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